Campamento 2018 Excursion Day, Wednesday

12 Jul

Hola from Azua! Happy 70th Birthday to Father Mike in Heaven who encouraged and supported campamento from the beginning. Happy 37th anniversary to first-time traveler Victoria and her husband Gary.

Today was our excursion. We went back to Barahona, the Larimar museum/shop/school, but chose the Larimar Costa hotel for lunch, pool, and beach. It was a beautiful and relaxing day. When we get home, I’ll post some pictures from others. I was so relaxed, I didn’t take any 😀

You may heard about flooding in southern Dominican Republic. We had rain yesterday, but we’re all fine. it’s rare to get rain here, so it did cause a crazy bug hatch, and the chickens and turkeys feasted on the surprise.

Zumba at night was fun. We have a surprise for the week 2 travelers! And, I’m getting better at bachatta, thanks to fab teacher Giselle.

I just want to again thank everyone who supports camp through travel, prayers, donations in kind (gym shoes!!), and monetary donations. It is all going directly to the hogar for the girls.

Sister Pilar, with Maryanny and Maylobi

See-saw fun!

Camp first-timers Yurkania and Aracelis

not sure why – but we were the first to down to dinner tonight (?)

playing scoop ball

pucas/beads: the classic campamento activity, and still a favorite!

pictures aren’t loading, I’ll update when I get home.

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