Typical Donation List

At the 2022 Camp, we asked Sister Fifi for more feedback on donations. When would shet prefer things over money. She first confirmed that she appreciates all and any support! Then she said to do what’s easier for us. Given that we have limited suitcase space (airlines only allow one bag to Caribbean counties, not two), I wanted to know what is difficult to find or buy in the Domican that they really use.

  • School Backpacks – for K through High School
    • The backpacks available in Dominican Republic last less than a year. Shop back-to-school sales for brand-name backpacks that last our kids 2 years or more. We even each use one as a carry on!
  • Underwear, all sizes – panties and kids’ sizes – sleeveless undershirts
  • Socks (white, low-cut or extra low-cut)
  • Children’s books with Spanish and English, or YA books in Spanish. We like to encourage reading!!

These are all things either not available to buy in Dominican Republic. Or what is available wears out before it’s outgrown.

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