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February Meeting Notes

7 Mar

Meeting Notes 2/22/16

Attendees: Anne and Lauren, Jeane, Ann

Opening Prayer


Gracious God, in the vulnerability of a child, we recognize our own fragility. In their tender innocence, we are reminded that life is meant to be lived with curious and joyful abandon. Help us, who are no longer children, to retain the freshness of childhood and to be the protectors and mentors of those whose lives are just beginning. May we see in their eyes the clear window of heaven. Guide us in the ways to keep all children safe and in your great love, O Lord, hold them in your peaceful embrace so they are not overcome by loneliness, fear, or danger. We ask this for the sake of your love. Amen.


We welcomed Lauren to her first meeting. She knows Alexa and other past travelers. She was a junior counselor at Camp Kota last year.

Jeane met Lauren and Anne for the first time at this meeting.


Jackie, Jeane, Anne, Lauren, Meghan, Samantha, Michelle, Amanda, and Ann

Potential traveler: Jenny and Deb

It’s looking like one week of camp again this year.

Schedule Now Through July

These are the milestones between now and July 9. We might change some dates as we go, but these are ballpark dates. Let me know is you see a problem with any of these dates and we can adjust.

3/28 – 3rd planning meeting – decide on flights, work on curriculum, talk about the women, plan extra activities –self-esteem, physical games, get donation list finalized

4/18 – finalize craft plans, order/get supplies

5/2 or 3 Cutting and Kitting night – we cut raw materials for crafts, then kit them into baggies, so at camp we hand out ziplock bags of craft “kits”. We also need a sample and directions (English is OK).

5/16 final planning meeting (unless we can pull off a June meeting) finalize all plans, work on traveler’s notebooks, order the rest of the supplies

6/18&25 publicize donation list – we’ll post in the bulletin, but this works even better with word of mouth. Be sure to share this list in case they want to help.

6/20 last meeting, if needed and possible. This might be good if Meghan is home at this time. I don’t think she’ll be back from college until now. We could also push the 5/16 meeting back a little, if that makes a difference.

7/5,6,or 7 – packing night – bring your one big suitcase for camp supplies, donations, and other items like gift bag stuff

7/9 – leave for the DR – probably the first flight to ATL 6 AM or so. It’s an early day, but worth it because we arrive around 2 PM.

Holy Women*

Hermana Fifi recommended studying Teresa Toda and Teresa Gausch*, because their difficult life mirrors the girls’ difficult lives in many ways, but they did not lose faith and accomplished significantly to the world. (maltreatment at the hands of abusive alcoholic husband, victimize, kept the faith in a difficult situation)

*we changed from Women of the Bible to Holy Women to encompass the two Teresas, and maybe even Saints in the future.

Miriam – celebrated with song and dance after crossing the Red Sea – tambourine craft, sing and dance with tambourine at night.

Mary Magdalene – from outsider to follower – butterfly craft representing her transformation. Note: Lauren did a research project on her in 5th grade. We’re interested to know what she found out, because it’ll be age appropriate for our girls. I was curious about her turning point – what initiated it and when.

Tabitha/Dorcas – Peter raised her from the dead, helped the poor – craft real baby blankets, hand sewn, from cotton (Michelle?)

Theme Song

Forgot to mention this, but we’re starting to accumulate ideas for a theme song. Take a look at to see past songs and the ideas we have so far. You can comment on the post with your suggestions or e-mail them to me and I’ll update the post.

Thank you all for coming and/or reading this e-mail. Remember, to find more information on