The Church of Saint Edward in Bloomington, MN, has had a relationship with Hogar Teresa Toda, a girls’ home run by Carmelite nuns, since 1997.

The relationship began when Bloomington Rotarians financed a well for the home. The Rotarians had only planned to sponsor another well in the region, but the Sisters convinced them to sponsor a well for the new home also. After digging and digging, the crew was not hitting water. The prospects were looking grim until the Sisters gathered the girls in a circle around the hole. The digging crew asked “What’s going on?” The head Sister said “You dig, we pray.” Within minutes, the crew hit water, fresh water—enough water for years to come. After that success, the Sisters expressed interest in maintaining a relationship with an American organization. This was not in the scope of the Bloomington Rotary, but someone there knew a Saint Edward’s parishioner.

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