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One of our Favorite Suppliers files for Bankruptcy :-(

16 Feb

Friday we got the news that Payless is filing bankruptcy. We are sad because this was our source for the gym shoes the girls. Between good list prices, special, and coupons the average price for these high quality shoes for $20.

The good news for this year is that we had our first fundraiser, the Zumba Party, for shoes. We raised enough to buy more than the 40 we need for this year. So, we’re going to take advantage of sales and maybe even get 2 years worth of shoes. I believe we’ll be able even have them sent to the Baní (town next to Azua, home of Albert Pujols) store free!


We also need to look for a new source for shoes for the future. Please let me know if you have any solutions!!



2019 Campamento Kickoff Meeting

5 Feb

We will meet Monday, February 11 at 7 PM, St. Ed’s room 121. for our kickoff meeting. You can contact me any time if you have ideas or questions about Campamento.

Join our mission trip this year. Support a social justice organization – the Teresa Toda Home, a home for very poor girls in Azua, Dominican Republic where we lead a summer camp. This trip, a Church of Saint Edward sister community relationship annual event, is for women over 18 and mother-daughter pairs for daughters over 15. 

This year our schedule needed to change. Each dates are approximate – based on traveler availability. The first week will around June 17 to 24 or 25. The second week will be around August 5 through 12 or 13. 

This camp is for travelers interested in sharing a spiritual experience with young women and girls from another country. In a Vacation Bible School format, learn bible stories, play and dance to music, make crafts, perform skits, and other activities. 

We pray, exchange stories, share love, and spend time with the girls. Through the activities they learn English, enjoy crafts, and build self-esteem. Each trip is deeply touching and spiritual. Special gifts you may share are Spanish skills, crafting and beading talents, or your professional experience (esp. healthcare, tourism, retail, scientists, government, education, and other areas). If you want to follow the Pope’s lead on social justice, charity, adventure, spiritual experiences, fellowship, growth, and fun – answer the call to travel with us this summer or help out from Minnesota. Look around this blog, starting on the About page and please contact me with questions or to RSVP. Here are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page from this year so far. Please share!!

Kickoff Agenda:

Follow up: We had a successful meeting and now have room for 4 to 6 more travelers. Please contact me if you are interested.

Closing Prayer