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First Campamento 2012 Meeting

15 Jan

Sister Parish Mission Trip Kick-Off Meeting Monday, February 6, 7-9 PM Auditorium

The Sister Parish Committee is planning our tenth two-week long “Summer Camp” at the Hogar Teresa Toda, a girls’ home, in Azua, Dominican Republic in July 2012. We have openings from July 14 through July 22, and July 21 through July 27 for travelers interested in sharing a spiritual experience with young women and girls from another country. The format is similar to our own Vacation Bible School. We do skits, music, crafts, and other activities. We pray, exchange stories, share love, and spend time with the girls. Through the activities they learn English, enjoy crafts, and build self-esteem. Each trip is deeply touching and spiritual. Special gifts you may share are Spanish skills, crafting and beading talents, or your professional experience (esp. healthcare, tourism, retail, scientists, government, education, and other industries). At this time, the dates are subject to change. If you are interested in traveling with us this summer or helping out from Minnesota, please contact Ann McGuire, the moderator of this blog.

Note on this picture: Whenever we bring out the pucas (beads) I think of traveler “Laura”. Laura is an avid beader and loved to share her passion. Before Laura came to Campamento, one of our signature sounds was the sound of beads spilling from the table onto the floor. When Laura joined us, she unpacked the vast collection of beads she brought but made us all wait on the beads until we gathered towels. She put the towels on the tables so that the beads wouldn’t spill. This genius move has virtually eliminated that sound and mess of spilling beads for Campamento!

Please share this post if you know another person who might be interested. Everyone has gifts to share!