Annual Schedule

Our yearly schedule goes roughly like this:

January and February:

  • Recruiting Travelers (in the past we’ve had about 50% new and 50% returning travelers)

March – April:

  • Set the dates (usually the first full week after July 4 and the following week)
  • Select the Women of Faith for the VBS program
  • Plan the standard activities like Bible study, Math, English, and Crafts.
  • Plan activities based on traveler’s interests and skills: Zumba, yoga, dancing, science


  • Buy the plan tickets, get passports, make appointment with Travel Clinic and other items on the traveler prep post
  • Each traveler plans/practices her activity
  • Set the crafts


  • Cutting/Kitting Night (yes, it’s as fun as it sounds! Bring a friend.)
  • Go to Travel Clinic
  • Publicize Donation Requests


  • Packing night (each brings two suitcases: one large, checkable for donations/supplies and one small carry-on for your own things)


  • Campamento is typically the first full week following July 4 plus the following week. Depart Saturday earliest – about 6AM. Return on Sunday late – arrive about 10 PM


  • Write and publicize trip report
  • Meet to share memories, lessons learned

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