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Women of Faith over the Years

4 Mar

I had to move to a new computer and lost a bunch of legacy information – including the women before 2015. Here are the women of faith we’ve studied over the years. I will continue to update it, like we do for the camp theme songs

2015Naomi and Ruth Ruth 1:6-18, 2:2-4Loyalty, PersistenceOld Testament
2015Samaritan Woman at the WellJohn 4:3-42Outcast to WitnessNew Testament
2015Mary, Mother of GodLuke 1:26-38Say Yes to God’s callNew Testament
2015Prisca/PriscillaActs 18:2,18,26, Romans 16:3, 1 Corinthians 16:19; 2 Timothy 4:19Early Church leaderNew Testament
2016MiriamExodus 14:21-29, 15:19-21We PraiseOld Testament
2016Mary MagdaleneMark 16:1-11We transformNew Testament
2016Tabitha/DorcasActs 9:36-41We are ResurrectedNew Testament
2016Teresa Toda/Teresa GuaschStory onlineWe GiveWOF
2017JochebedExodus 2:1-9We have a purposeOld Testament
2017RhodaActs 12:13-14/moreWe are overjoyedNew Testament
2017Martha and MaryLuke 10:40/ moreWe use our giftsNew Testament
2017Saint Teresa of Calcuttastory onlineWe love the sick and the poorWOF
2017Queen of Sheba2 Chronicles 9:1-9We are anointedOld Testament
2017SusannaLuke 8:1-3We walk with JesusNew Testament
2017PhoebeRomans 16:1-2We help build the churchNew Testament
2017Saint Ceceliaonline bioWe celebrate with musicWOF
2018HagarGod is always with usOld Testament
2018ElizabethJesus is ChristNew Testament
2018Lois and EuniceWe teach children faithNew Testament
2018Malalabiography/online resourcesOne child, one teacher, on books, one pen can change the world.WOF
2018DeborahWe are peacemakersOld Testament
2018LydiaWe offer hospitalityNew Testament
2018Syrophoenician WomanWe have faithNew Testament
2018St. Terese of Lisieuxonline resourcesWe are holy. WOF
2019EveGen 3:1-13We have choicesOld Testament
2019Mary, Mother of God (Wedding at Cana)John 2:1-11Do what Jesus tells you to doNew Testament
2019Poor Widow of SapphiraMark 12:41-44 and Matt 6:25-34Trust in GodNew Testament
2019Joan of Arconline storyGoad calls people of all backgrounds and ages to serve Him and glorify Him.WOF
2020Queen EstherBook of EstherOld Testament
2020Woman Judged ForgivenJohn 7:53-8:11New Testament
2020Pilate’s WifeMatthew 27:15-23New Testament
2020Woman of Bethany who anointed Jesus (with spikenard, with represents Saint Jospeh and is on Pope Frances’ coat of arms)Mark 14:3-9, Matthew 26:6-13New Testament
2020Greta Thunbergonline resourceshave faithWOF
2021Five Daughters of ZelophehadNumbers 26:33, 27:1-11Younger: Each of us is a member of God’s family. Older: We affirm our rights with dignity.Old Testament
2021Widow of NainLuke 7:11-17God has compassion for the sufferingNew Testament
2021Samaritan Woman at the wellMatthew 15:21-28Share the Good NewsNew Testament
2021Mother LangeBioTeach othersWOF