Campamento Meeting Agendas

First meeting, Late January/Early February, 6:30-7:30, Church of Saint Edward

Attendees – Past and potential travelers

Goal – Help potential travelers discern joining this year

  • Meet each other
  • Learn and share about Campamento
  • Answer questions

Kickoff Meeting Agenda 2/4/20 7-8:30 St. Ed’s, Room 125

    Opening Prayer

    Walk with Us in Our Search

    Help us discover our own riches;

    Don’t judge us poor because we lack what you have.

    Help us discover our chains;

    Don’t judge us slaves by the type of shackles you wear.

    Be patient with us as a people;

    Don’t judge us backward simply because we don’t follow your stride.

    Be patient with our pace;

    Don’t judge us lazy simply because we can’t follow your tempo.

    Be patient with our symbols;

    Don’t judge us ignorant because we can’t read your signs.

    Be with us and proclaim the richness of your life which you can share with us.

    Be with us and be open to what we can give.

    Be with us as a companion who walks with us neither behind nor in front in our search for life and ultimately for God!

    Written by Bishop Bienvenido S Tudtud

    Prelature of Marawi,Lanao del Sur, Philippines


    Name, how you heard about trip, your background, your interest in this trip

    Traveler’s Preparation Resources Overview

    online at

    2023 Campamento dates: 7/8 – 7/16 or 7/15-7/23

    Principles of Sister Community Partnerships

    Campamento Goals

    What we do at Camp

    What if I don’t speak Spanish?

    How to prepare for the trip


    2023 WEEK 1 

    Sat July 8 Outbound flight number DL1604, DL1958

    departure time: 5:30am, arrival time1:23pm, journey duration 6h 53m

    Sunday, July 16, DL1829, DL320

    departure time2:01pm, arrival time9:58pm, journey duration8h 57m

    New, replacement or renewal of a passport book: $110 if age 16 and older;$80 if under the age of 16. The last major expense is a visit to the travel clinic. That is about $100 and is sometimes covered by insurance. Travel health insurance is about $15-30. Tipping the driver, other small expenses and shopping can range from $40 to $200. Some of it depends on how much you’ll shop for souvenirs. The total is about $1,200 – 1,500.


    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    Women of faith (each week has one Old Testament women, two New Testament women, and one other)

    • Old Testament: 1-3 ideas

    • New Testament: Mary at the Cana Wedding, plus 2-3 more


    Think about theme song

    Other opportunities to participate in the Sister Community Ministry

    Questions and Stories

    Closing Prayer

    God thank you for bringing us together on this winter night to dream about warmer possibilities! Please help us all open our hearts and minds to joining Campamento this year. Help us discern this information so that we can make the best choice for ourselves, our families, the other travelers, our Parish, and our Sister Parish. Amen

      Next Steps

      Next meeting, rest of schedule

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