Packing List

You will get ½ of one large suitcase, the rest is for donations and supplies
Suggested daily wear: tank tops or t-shirts, shorts, khakis and jean shorts, sport shorts… think casual and breathable clothes, it’s hot there! Dry-fit/fast drying sports clothes are ideal.

Casual sun dresses or skirt and nice top, skirt/dress below the knee and shoulder covered so you are    appropriate for Mass. They dress more conservatively for going to church. Plus, we are conspicuous visitors. Do be neat, conservative.
Swim suit and cover up
Sandals, flip flops or tennis shoes. (Note: flip flops cause trouble. Be sure to use them only when appropriate, within the hogar compound, and to the beach, no long walks or running! Consider Keens or any toe-covering sandals that can be used for the whole trip. LL Bean and Land’s End have versions of them, too.
A hat to keep the sun off
Light weight PJ’s

Wristwatch and/or travel alarm clock

$200 (approx) $10 to enter the country, $40 or more to Sisters for food, driver, and expenses. For souvenirs and restaurants, have $1’s ready. Most will take it at a 31 to 40 Dominican Pesos to the US Dollar exchange rate, but won’t give change in USD of course. You can also use credit cards at some restaurants and shops.

Water Bottle – something sturdy. The best are the metal kinds.

Bar of soap, I like presoaped, disposable face cloths for these trips, two per day.

Box/Small packets of Kleenex
Shampoo (put in a small plastic bottle if you can)
Toothpaste/ toothbrush (some bring more than one tooth brush)

Contact solution
Travel pack of baby fresh wipes

Sanitary protection
Non prescription pain reliever
Ear plugs/eye mask
Imodium AD

Benefiber (or no-water-required fiber pill)

Insect repellent 25% – 35% DEET not 100%

Premethrin Not to pack, but to spray on your cloths a day or two before packing so it’ll dry on your clothes.

Steroid cream for insect bites
Sunscreen!!!!! (I use a physical block – Vanicream. I am fair skinned and burn easily. The sun is strong there.)
Sunburn lotion
Band-Aids and antiseptic salve (small first aid kit if you can)
Some also bring Clariton because although they don’t have allergies up here, some tend to get cold-like symptoms towards the end of the trip, probably because of the dust and wind.

If you tend to wilt easily in the heat, bring single-serving hydration powder packets, such as Powerade, to ward off dehydration.  If you can find them with sugar, that’s the best. Some also like Emergen-C packets to get an immune system boost to adjust to the new environment.

Notebook for personal reflections
Camera/phone/charger (their outlets are the same as ours, waterproof cameras are fun for the beach and pool)
2 color photocopies of your passport, or a picture of your passport on your phone
Small photo album of your interests and family. The girls are always interested about our lives and so several travelers thought it was fun to show pictures of their families, friends, homes, and MN winter to the girls.  A picture is worth a thousand words, especially if you don’t know much Spanish.

Flashlight with extra batteries

Target/plastic grocery bags (bring at least 5)

Fingernail clippers/emory board

Probiotic – optional, some swear by it. I’ve never tried it.

Souvenir note: if you want coffee, a local roaster is friends with the Sisters. This will be your cheapest, freshest option. In the grocery store, local coffee was about $4/lb.


Fanny pack or backpack for outings

Spanish speaking aids (Spanish/ English dictionary)

Reading /listening material

Small battery powered fan, typically used for camping.

Peanut Butter and/or Nutella- a big jar to share

Your own snacks to discretely eat in your room without the kids knowing. These should be tightly sealed in ziplocks so bugs cannot crawl in and freak you out.

They will supply

Hand soap

Sheets and a pillow


Mosquito netting the beds

Leave at Home

Hair dryers, irons, and fancy/expensive jewelry

Airplane items

Your own snacks for the ride

Antiseptic/waterless hand cleaner in a 2 oz bottle

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