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Women of Faith over the Years

4 Mar

I had to move to a new computer and lost a bunch of legacy information – including the women before 2015. Here are the women of faith we’ve studied over the years. I will continue to update it, like we do for the camp theme songs

2015Naomi and Ruth Ruth 1:6-18, 2:2-4Loyalty, PersistenceOld Testament
2015Samaritan Woman at the WellJohn 4:3-42Outcast to WitnessNew Testament
2015Mary, Mother of GodLuke 1:26-38Say Yes to God’s callNew Testament
2015Prisca/PriscillaActs 18:2,18,26, Romans 16:3, 1 Corinthians 16:19; 2 Timothy 4:19Early Church leaderNew Testament
2016MiriamExodus 14:21-29, 15:19-21We PraiseOld Testament
2016Mary MagdaleneMark 16:1-11We transformNew Testament
2016Tabitha/DorcasActs 9:36-41We are ResurrectedNew Testament
2016Teresa Toda/Teresa GuaschStory onlineWe GiveWOF
2017JochebedExodus 2:1-9We have a purposeOld Testament
2017RhodaActs 12:13-14/moreWe are overjoyedNew Testament
2017Martha and MaryLuke 10:40/ moreWe use our giftsNew Testament
2017Saint Teresa of Calcuttastory onlineWe love the sick and the poorWOF
2017Queen of Sheba2 Chronicles 9:1-9We are anointedOld Testament
2017SusannaLuke 8:1-3We walk with JesusNew Testament
2017PhoebeRomans 16:1-2We help build the churchNew Testament
2017Saint Ceceliaonline bioWe celebrate with musicWOF
2018HagarGod is always with usOld Testament
2018ElizabethJesus is ChristNew Testament
2018Lois and EuniceWe teach children faithNew Testament
2018Malalabiography/online resourcesOne child, one teacher, on books, one pen can change the world.WOF
2018DeborahWe are peacemakersOld Testament
2018LydiaWe offer hospitalityNew Testament
2018Syrophoenician WomanWe have faithNew Testament
2018St. Terese of Lisieuxonline resourcesWe are holy. WOF
2019EveGen 3:1-13We have choicesOld Testament
2019Mary, Mother of God (Wedding at Cana)John 2:1-11Do what Jesus tells you to doNew Testament
2019Poor Widow of SapphiraMark 12:41-44 and Matt 6:25-34Trust in GodNew Testament
2019Joan of Arconline storyGoad calls people of all backgrounds and ages to serve Him and glorify Him.WOF
2020Queen EstherBook of EstherOld Testament
2020Woman Judged ForgivenJohn 7:53-8:11New Testament
2020Pilate’s WifeMatthew 27:15-23New Testament
2020Woman of Bethany who anointed Jesus (with spikenard, with represents Saint Jospeh and is on Pope Frances’ coat of arms)Mark 14:3-9, Matthew 26:6-13New Testament
2020Greta Thunbergonline resourceshave faithWOF
2021Five Daughters of ZelophehadNumbers 26:33, 27:1-11Younger: Each of us is a member of God’s family. Older: We affirm our rights with dignity.Old Testament
2021Widow of NainLuke 7:11-17God has compassion for the sufferingNew Testament
2021Samaritan Woman at the wellMatthew 15:21-28Share the Good NewsNew Testament
2021Mother LangeBioTeach othersWOF

Campamento 2022 Kick-off Meeting

1 Jan

Church of Saint Edward and Zoom

Monday, January 24, 6:30-7:30 PM
You are invited to join the Church of Saint Edward’s 18th Annual Mission this year. Support a social justice organization – the Teresa Toda Home, a home for very poor girls in Azua, Dominican Republic with a summer camp in July 2022. Start at to learn more.

Although we missed the last two years, they did have Campamento! For more info, check out Campamento 2021 Day 1: It’s On!Campamento 2021 Day 2: Traditions ContinueCampamento 2021 Days 3, 4, and 5: A Success!

We have openings for July 9-17 and July 16-24 (we are considering a July 2-17 schedule as well) for travelers interested in sharing a spiritual experience with young women and girls from another country.

Our camp theme is “Women of Faith”. We study bible stories, play music, make crafts, perform skits, and do other activities. We pray, exchange stories, share love, and spend time with the girls. Through the activities they learn English, enjoy crafts, and build self-esteem.

Each trip is deeply touching and spiritual. Special gifts you may share are patience with kids, crafting and beading talents, or your professional experience.

Is 2022 your year to follow the Pope’s lead on social justice, charity, adventure, spiritual experiences, fellowship, growth, and fun? If so, answer the call to travel with us this summer or help from Minnesota.

Please contact Ann McGuire at to RSVP to our kick-off meeting and take a look at this blog site. I’ll send you the zoom link.

Read and Learn about Haiti

15 Aug

Root causes of Haiti’s problems (NPR):

The relationship between Haiti and US histories (New York Times guest column):

May 20, 2022 NYT article

Days 3, 4, and 5 – Campamento 2021 was a success

1 Aug

The Sisters, the Aspirants (young women who are considered pre-candidates to becoming a nun), the Hogar alumna, and community members came together to have an enjoyable camp for all – including us watching from here!

The last three days were: excursion to Santo Domingo, a regular camp day, and then an excursion to Pueblo Viejo (“Old Town”) and a party.

Thank you all who’ve supported Campamento!!



Day 3 Santo Domingo

National Botanical Garden

Day 4

No pictures – Woman at the Well

Day 5 Pueblo Viejo

The town that is now known as Pueblo Viejo was the place where in 1504 Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar, the conqueror of Cuba, founded the colonial town of Azua de Compostela. It was named in honour of one of the first Spanish settlers in the area, Don Pedro Gallego, a native of Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia, Spain. The first part of the name is derived from the local Native American name for the area. The old colonial city was destroyed by an earthquake on October the 16th 1751. The settlers of the area moved further North, near the River Road, and established a new town in that area.


We visited Pueblo Viejo many years ago and it is fascinating to contemplate the more than 500 years of this settlement. BTW the settlers moved north to found Azua after the earthquake.

First – a stop at Bon for ice cream

Final Party

Day 2 – Traditions Continue

28 Jul

Here are pictures from today. What did you do today? The Widow of Nain was the Woman of Faith today. Visitors came to do an activity. The girls did a variety of art as well. Another fun day!

Reflection Time
Community youth came to lead an activity
Widow of Nain video
Picture of Mother Teresa Toda – one of the founders of the Carmelites of San Jose Order
Girl coloring
Girl with Painting
Group drawing Mother Teresa Toda with a community member
Girl with Tracing
Two girls tracing
Girls crafting with Sister
Group Picture
Girls making a presentation
Widow of Nain drama
Girls showing emotions two ways

We hope you enjoyed the pictures from today!

Campamento 2021 Day 1 – It’s on!

26 Jul

Campamento 2021 started today, Jul 26. Sister Sandra has at least three helpers. They are having a good time! Today’s women of faith are the 5 daughters of Zelophehad. This is a remarkable story where the women – with no brother – were going to lose their land and even the family name because they were women. Instead of accepting this injustice, they fought for their rights – an won! These women made quite an impression – very few women are mentioned in either the Old or New Testament and even fewer are named. Even though there were five of them, the Bible mentions each of them by name. It’s a reminder that each person is a member of God’s family – no exceptions.

These women not only caused a law to be changed for generations to come but modeled how to pursue change. They didn’t victimize themselves with despair and attempt to manipulate the situation. No, the daughters of Zelophehad were women of courage, faith, and honorable action.” Danielle Bernock

Some interesting reading if you want to learn more:

From a grateful heart springs…

From a grateful heart springs… love, happiness, solidarity, order, discipline, gratitude, peace, respect, and responsibility.

This has room for more! You can see the board for more women of faith, girls practicing the drama of the story, drawings of the story, and reflections.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I receive quite a few pictures like this. I don’t know who that woman or the other helpers are or what they’re doing at the table.

From this angle, you can see Teresa Toda is right in the mix!

Fun with Friends

This should give you an idea of how Campamento went on the first day. It looks like fun to me!

Thank you Sister Sandra for all these beautiful photos!

Campamento 2021 Update/Help Wanted

6 Jun

Update on Campamento 2021

You probably guessed by now that we are not traveling to Azua this year, either, but there will be camp the first week in August.

When Covid hit Dominican Republic, the schools were closed until November 1, pushing the end date to July 30. So, the girls will only have one month of summer break. Sister Sandra decided to have camp that first week, then send them home from 3 weeks.

The CDC and the Archdiocese both strongly urge us to not travel there this summer. Although people can go as individuals of course, we did not want to go against recommendations and risk anyones’ health.

Camp will go on, though! One of the Sisters at the Hogar also teaches Bible study to a group of young women in the community. They will lead camp.

How we can help:

  • The first thing is to email lesson plans to the Sisters so they have a jump start. I thought it would make sense for the group of young people to come up with crafts and shop for them based on their interests, etc.
  • Send a donation to help offset their campamento costs and help them buy new shoes and uniforms.

Rejected ideas were:

  • Find a theme song, given the leaders, I think the theme song should be in Spanish. And, given that they are younger and will know better then us, they can choose that.
  • I thought it would make sense for the group of young people to come up with crafts and shop for them based on their interests, etc.

So, the ask is for two roles – I’m hoping for a team consisting of one each.

  • Take ~1-2 hours to research one of the women (there are 4 total). I have some more specific ideas and an example. So, please contact me if you’re willing to do this.
  • Translate what the researcher found. You’d work together to get the translation correct.

Please contact me if you’re interested. I’m hoping to get something together over the next two weeks-by June 20.

Thank you!


A Message from a Past Camper

28 Oct

This was a Facebook post from one of our very first “campers”. She gave me permission to share it here. She was always an excellent student. You can read her beautiful description of her childhood at the home,  Hogar Teresa Toda, our Sister Community in Azua, DR. She is now a wife and mother of two: daughter, 8 and son, 3. They are so cute! I thought this was so lovely, seeing how she appreciates the impact the Sisters have had on her life. One of the pictures is from that post and I added two more. Most of you know that their order is the Carmelites of Saint Joseph. They chose Saint Joseph because he took care of Jesus even though He was not his biological son. This is a straight Google translation, but I think you’ll understand it.

“Not only are they nuns or religious, they are women who know how to be mothers, teachers, and friends. They dedicate their lives to the foster and teaching of girls in need of attention, love, and thirsty to learn.

“I remember exactly my arrival to which would become my home for 11 years of my life and what a beautiful experience. It was always a kind of bubble, a safety dome, out there life became different, going from being cared for and fending for myself was the great challenge of my life😅. But I’ve always said it, every person who lived with me has been a lesson for life, because with them I knew the meaning of true friendship (Patricia, Natalia, Carolina). That to get along with my neighbors only have respect for each person around me. That I can learn from all, but also serve as a guide to the growth of another group. Creativity has no limits and with a pencil after a stroke more ideas emerge that can become art. That to be heard you do not need to scream. If you have firmness, that the money that makes me worthy is the only one I have right🙂. Always do things selflessly, even give love. I was taught to thank for everything, to do an analysis every night of my day, because that would help me improve my habits. I was given the privilege to study in two good schools, to value things and people, and taught me to believe in me.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

“Thank you for relieving my fever nights. Thank you for those camps we longed for every school year end. Thank you for being the guide of 30 girls of different ages. Thank you for teaching me how to cook, to iron, to sew on a button, to sew the hem of my pants. Thank you for teaching me how to embroider, knit, paint, sing, for allowing me to learn to enjoy life from the simplest. Thank you thank you. Blessings.”



Updates from Azua, October 2020

5 Oct

Hola Amigas!

I hope you are staying healthy and well. Sister Fifi contacted me Friday on WhatsApp and I wanted to share with all of you the latest from the home.

It’s a lot. It is all in the same order she gave me.

Sister Dione died a little over two weeks ago. She had been sick; it wasn’t covid. Most recently she lived at El Carmelo and was very warm and huggy when we visited there, before heading to Azua. I’m not sure, but I believe she was also a school teacher. This picture doesn’t show it, but she had a big smile. We will miss her. 


The girls have not left the property since March, about when we started quarantining. She said COVID is still bad there, not safe for the girls. But they girls are doing well, attending remote school.

And, Sister Fifi thanked us again for the donation earlier this summer. On that subject, I’m preparing to send money again. If you gave money to Saint Ed’s directed to the home since last camp (July 2019) please let me know when and how much. I’m aware of only one right now. I’m going to have those donations wired down if possible, if not we’ll send it now that we know it works.

The next news is that Sister Maira is very sick with COVID. Sister Maira usually greets us at El Carmelo. She’s like the CFO of the order in Dominican Republic. She’s usually very hale and healthy. I don’t know how she got it. They live pretty sequestered. But, as we know, it doesn’t take much. She’s still sick, but is getting better.


The major news 😭😥😭 is that Sister Fifi was assigned to a new project – a spirituality center at El Carmelo in Santo Domingo. She will live at El Carmelo, so we will still see her, but she is giving up her position at the home. I was very surprised and at first sad to hear this. She is such a special person, uniquely suited to direct the home, but I think she’ll have a big impact in the capital, as well.

She thanked all of us for the years we’ve shared. She thanked us for caring about the girls. Your contributions of time, talent, and treasure (today was Stewardship Weekend at St. Ed’s) is very touching to her and all the Sisters. 
She said the older girls are especially sad. Here are some recent pics. She said she’s having a hard time leaving the girls, but she has to start this new mission. 


She’s leaving this week. Imagine the tears! I told her it will be 1000 times worse than the last day of camp!! I hope we have camp next year and that she can come visit. Or at least see her at El Carmelo! 

She said that God has given us all so much. I agree!

To answer the next question – Sister Sandra is returning! For the last few years has been running the home for retired Sisters. You can imagine, a lot of the administration is the same, just (I imagine) at a slower pace. There are people to feed, employees, activities, etc. 
Here’s an older picture of Sister Sandra, when we were on a community visit. She loves children and babies. She founded Hogar Teresa Toda, the home, 25+ years ago.


Here is my latest picture of her from 2018 with some travelers


That’s it for the updates. Please, send any updates you’d like to share!


Campamento Memories

6 Jul

Monday, July 8th – if the world was normal, today would be Day 1. It’s usually an overwhelming day. We’re still a little tired from travel. The heat goes from novelty to oppressive. The girls are primed for camp! Most of them have been there before, so they know the ropes.

Usually on day 1, our “Woman of Faith” is from the Old Testament, like Eve, Hagar, Rachel, Jochebed, Miriam, Naomi, and Ruth. Hardly anyone is named in the Old Testament, even fewer women, so each of these women are quite substantial and have a lot to teach us. One joy of camp for me personally has been learning insight on these women from Heidi Busse, a Biblical scholar. Thank you Heidi for helping me understand how these women speak to us thousands of year later after they lived on Earth.

Day 1 is often the time to cram Spanish. “They speak so fast.” “Their pronunciation is not what we heard in Jefferson High School Spanish class.” And occasionally “Wow, my college Spanish is coming back to me!” Between Duolingo, the Spanish Learning Club and my dorky attempts at practicing on patient Spanish speakers, I am getting better each year!

The most frequent observation from first-time travelers is that everyone – even the first-time travelers – are welcomed with open arms. It’s like visiting distant family. And it’s appropriate; we are Sister Communities. Our communities, not just the people who travel, are all connected over faith, time, and common values.

On joys and blessings… one for me is getting to know travelers in a way I don’t think I’d ever without sharing a trip like this. The Konkoly family is very special in so many ways. I met Jane and two of her daughters while rafting through the Grand Canyon. You know I can’t go very long without bring up Campamento. On that trip, I think I held back until about day 5. After telling Jane about it, she decided to join along with her daughters. She sees the potential in these girls and gives what she has to help them reach their dreams. Check out this video Jane and daughter Michelle made about last year’s camp. “Try Everything” by Shakira was the theme song in 2017.

Throw back to 2009

Some Girls at Campamento 2009

Travelers and volunteers – if you have a memory and/or a picture you’d like me to post, please send it to me over the next two weeks.

Please consider donating over these next two weeks as well. We are raising money for shoes and back-to-school supplies. Shoes are about $30 at Dominican Republic stores. PM me for details on how to do that.