Campamento Day -1, 0, 1, and 2

11 Jul

Hola from Azua! Thank you to everyone who support camp through kitting and cutting night, travel to past camps, sending your kids to camp, donations, and prayers. This post is to update you on campamento 2018.

Travel day: (-1) everyone arrived at about the same time – no delays. Sister Pilar and Job met the travelers at the airport. They came straight to the hogar so they were here by about 3:30. Sister Pilar met everyone because Sister Fifi brought Alex to her high school graduation. As an aside my son Jack escorted Alex at the graduation. Jack Michael, John and I all attended. It was a unique experience to be able to see the 20+ kids graduate from the Catholic High School that our girls attend. We are all so proud of Alex who has been at the home since she was 8 and has also attended camp since then. The girls have many obstacles to graduation and Alex is no exception, but she persevered.

The travelers this week are Jane with daughters Abby and Karen from Pennsylvania, Barbara with friend Debbie from Washington DC. Joan and Victoria from Pax Christi, and Ella, Hannah, Mia and me from the Church of St. Edwards.

Day 0

Sunday we had breakfast and went to Mass at Buen Pastor, then the beach.

Our Coast as well as much of a coast of Puerto Rico is having trouble with seaweed.. But it was no problem for us. The water was clean so we had a great time swimming plus it was a relief from the heat.

The overall feeling of camp this year is relaxed. the girls just aren’t as anxious. Sister Fifi teachers order and self-discipline in a nice, encouraging way.

Bags, nametags, photo ‘treasure’ hunt, etc went smoothly.

Day 1

Each traveler is sharing her love and gifts with the girls and the other travelers.

The older girls are learning the seven habits of highly effective teens. For the younger girls it’s a similar program as past years with math English, reflection and crafts. Sister Stephanie, who was a noviciate I think 4 years ago, is a Sister living and working at the home. She and Debbie are leading reflection. Debbie is also a Zumba instructor so after crafts and before lunch we dance Zumba. It is so much fun the girls loved it – and so do the travelers. Debbie is the real deal. We begin the day with opening ritual and close the day with circle time. At the circles the younger girls are taking turns presenting the Bible story dramas. Then, the older girls are presenting dramas of children’s books each book has been selected because it illustrates one of the seven habits. The medians (medium) girls did a drama based on Hagar and Ishmael – so cute!! Sister Pilar commented that the girls really learn and remember the Bible stories when they present dramas. The older girls didn’t do a drama because it was just an introduction day for them on Monday. After some down time in the afternoon we all went to the Bon shop for ice cream. And, a big group was dancing Zumba in the park!! So some of us joined in of course.

Day 2

Elizabeth was the woman of the day. Our plans to return the beach were thwarted by strong rain. We continued with camp. For the older girls, Elizabeth from the same year Stephanie and Estafania, joined us and is now helping Barbara and me teach the 7 habits. She’s amazing and has a close relationship with the sisters, and decided to remain a layperson, a teacher.


fter camp we went to Mass at the cloistered nuns’ monastery, the same one we visited 2 years ago. the vey old bnun isn’t there any more, but 4 are. we prayed the today before mass. It was the priest’s birthday. He was the only man there. Hermana Pilar was warmly recognized because she helped the priest when he was a seminarian. She ran a program that included dramas of bible stories. Don’t tell the (now) priests, but she said our girls’ plays are better. lol. Like last time they invited us to meet the after mass. We even got pictures. It’s unreal that young women course this life, but their faith is inspiring. Back at camp, the younger girls presented Mary and Elizabeth, which was fabulous. And the mayores presented The Little Engine that Could to teach habit 1: be proactive.

Sister Fifi is amazing. The playground is complete (pictures coming). The vegetable gardens and fruit orchards are expanding. They have chicken, ducks, and turkeys. The meals are delicious, healthy and on time. and the girls are behaving well, cooperating, and everything.

Thank you for reading this draft.ill edit it next week. If you were at camp the week that Elizabeth, Stefanie, and Estafania came, pleaae tell me what year it was.


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  1. Lindsey Heil July 11, 2018 at 3:34 am #

    Thank you so much for sharing, Ann. Reading these reflections warms my heart and I hope to return to camp someday. Prayers for all of you.


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