Campamento Day 3

13 Jul

Hola Amigas!

Today was our third day of camp. It started out sadly. Sister Pilar’s sister died. She was sick, but they didn’t think she’s would die from it. So, Sister Pilar left to the airport after morning Mass with Sister Stephanie. Everyone was sad.

For camp, our women were Lois and Eunice, theme “We teach faith.” Elizabeth worked with Debbie at reflection. All three stations went well. The craft – a bracelet with a cross and other charm – was a hit and quick, which was good timing. Sister Fifi organized an excursion to a newish hotel pool. So much fun!

A note about Sister Fifi – she’s amazing.

  • the girls are calmer and more engaged than ever
  • she showed us her complete and organized record keeping systems
  • the meals are delicious, including vegetarian dishes and banana pudding.
  • Everything is (pretty much) on schedule
  • She expanded the gardens, so the plantains we eat grown on the property. Mangoes come from Job’s mango trees. They are delicious!
  • The dogs are gone, but one cat has kittens. they now raise chicken, ducks, and turkeys.
  • The playground have been redone. I’ll update with pictures.
  • She plays the guitar and dances bachatta and Zumba with the girls.
  • She’s almost always smiling.
  • She’s very loving with the girls and us
  • She told us..we’re not strangers, were not visitors, we’re family. and she treats us that way every day.
  • She is an amazing person, resourceful, hardworking, inspiring, loving – one of a kind!

Tonight we will watch the Malala movie to introduce us to tomorrow’s woman of faith. Home visits are tomorrow as well.



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