Day 4 – Mary, Mother of God, the Annunciation

15 Jul

Another very full day! We discussed Luke’s Annunciation story and how it related to our own lives. We also brought back Digi Si Señor – a wonderful bilingual song.

We continued with English lessons – very popular this year – and two crafts: the traditional frame and some dolls with children’s rights. Scroll down for pictures. I wish I had a picture of the model. it was about 8 dots of alternating colors. Boring! They were very creative.

A 2021 Graduate returned!

We visited two families. It was very challenging to see such poverty. Like Sonia Sotomayor says in her autobiography, no one expects much froma poor neighborhood. These people are truly destitute and the girls are brilliant and full of potential. No pictures or names. Both parents were obviously mentally ill and neither girl will return during break. We’re glad the girls didn’t join us this time. Very disturbing.

We also stopped at our favorite coffee factory. $4.71/pound of fresh coffee! It’s always a delicious stop.

Finally we stopped at the school the Sisters. Sister Carmen the director gave us a tour. It’s beautiful – the best in Azua. It was a hopeful way to end our afternoon.

And finally the Medianas performed a play. Fun!!

The Annunciation Cast

One Response to “Day 4 – Mary, Mother of God, the Annunciation”

  1. Michele Cowling July 15, 2022 at 12:15 pm #

    Oh my! I just read the post about your trip, intrepid travelers! The post from the home visits brought back such vivid memories of the homes we visited in 2019–excruciating poverty. And yet, it’s like you say, Ann, such beauty arises from the dust. These girls are living proof. Bless you all in the last few days.

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