Day 3 – Trip for the Travelers

14 Jul

Our driver took us on an adventure to Barahona. It is truly beautiful. We started at the “magnetic pole” in Barahona. I’ll post a video when we’re home, but if you google Barahona magnetic pole, you’ll see videos. There was a boy on the side of the road who unknowingly debunked the myth. We had a good time though and this destination was up in the mountains. Next the Larimar Museum where we learned a little and bought jewelry. Then to Playo Patos “Ducks Beach” which is beautiful, but we were greeted by police at the parking lot telling us the waves were dangerous and while we could see the beach and take pictures, we couldn’t even put our feet in the water. The beach had a river than feeds into it. We dipped our feet in that cold water.

We had a typical Dominican lunch, then headed back. On the way back we stopped at another beach that we could swim at.

When we got back to Azua, before returning home, we stopped by the athletic facility. Super nice! Everything was outside including of course a baseball stadium, also basketball , volleyball, soccer, tennis, and a big track. It was hopping. Very cool to see so many people involved. We even saw some little kids getting batting coaching. Neither Jeanie nor I had seen this before. It’s very impressive.

After dinner the oldest girls were psyched to present their drama of Naomi and Ruth. As usual they did a beautiful job!

Caroline braided my hair!

I’ll upload more pictures later!

Thank you for reading!!

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