Travel weekend and camp prep day 7/9&10

11 Jul

Every camp is unique and this is no exception. To summarize the travel was classic Summer of 2022 “The Summer of Travel Chaos.” But the greeting at the Hogar and our feelings were more vibrant than ever.

Travel Summer 2022

Travel around July 4th seemed especially brutal this year. The airlines responded to Covid-related pause in travel, and therefore revenue, with furloughed workers and early retirements. This left us with a shortage of pilots and other staff when travel did resume.  So there were many (1,000’s?) of canceled flights and delays all over the country. I felt pretty good about our plans, because we weren’t traveling on a holiday weekend.

Travelers on the American Airlines route were notified yesterday afternoon that they’d arrive 4 hours late. Not the best news, but we can make it work. Feeling confident in good old Delta, it’ll be ok to get there before the two new travelers arrive. Nope, our flight was delayed, so we wouldn’t make the connection to SDQ, so we were rerouted to JFK, the SDQ. There must have been a shortage of baggage handlers too, because once we boarded the plane to SDQ we sat 1 1/2 hours until the unaccompanied baggage was removed. We arrived at SDQ at 1 AM. We were the last customers of the night so the workers, always pleasant, moved us along much more quickly than ever before. We got super lucky with our taxi driver – the best I’ve had in Santo Domingo. He was safe and charged us a reasonable, agreed upon fare.  Sister Mayra stayed up for us when we arrived at 2 AM! What a Saint. We slept well. 

Jen and Ella arrive earlier Saturday at 6. They’ve got to experience the Sister’s warmth and patience and great food.


We started with prayer and breakfast with the Sisters. More were there than usual – from Columbia, Argentina, and others who are there for professional development. I started to feel the different world of Campamento – a retreat from the real world with prayer and song and few worries. Sister Grace (49 years in NYC, English speaker!!) and Sister Mayra led us to Mass at the closest parish. The gospel was The Good Samaritan – always an inspiration.

After stopping at the grocery store and packing the guagua, we headed to Azua with Sister Grace and Sister Mayra, who now live at the home. 

With Sister Mayra and Sister Grace. We should have taken this whole dressed for church!! Jeane, co-leader and Spanish speaker is joining us Tuesday.

We stopped in Bani at La Sirena (The Mermaid) for some groceries and cold Cokes made with sugar to power us for the final hour. And we stopped at the Payless there to make sure they had the shoes the girls need for their school uniform. Yes! And tomorrow is the last day of their “buy 2 get 1 free” sale.

Campamento Welcome

After waiting 2 years and 1 day (with the travel delays) the welcome was heartfelt and exciting. They played a past theme song  “Try Anything” by Shakira from Zootopia. The girls are a lot taller and the  new ones are adorable. The new travelers liked the unbridled excitement and warm welcome.  No one had their cameras out.

Dance Party

This happened!

Too much to write about. There are many new things to share. We’re all doing great. My goal is to update you daily.



2 Responses to “Travel weekend and camp prep day 7/9&10”

  1. Lindsey July 11, 2022 at 2:36 pm #

    Wow! My heart is bursting. I can’t believe you are actually at the Hogar again! Enjoy every moment!❤️🙏

  2. Susan Hulbert July 11, 2022 at 7:18 pm #

    Thanks Ann. Very fun to read about your Campamento adventures!

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