Campamento Day 2

21 Jun

“In preparing for campamento <well, he said “battle”> I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

Today fit this description, and it all worked out. we started with a trip to the beach. To past travelers – it was cleaner! And one of the Sisters really swims! She knew about a sand bar out a little and it was nice. The kids are very well behaved.

When we got back, we started on our craft (yes, its backward,we thought it was the best way to get everything done). A group of Collegio San Jose alum (the high school the Sisters run) came. They toured the Hogar, we ate, and gathered where two women from the group sang, the girls sang, then, by request, Desiree sang “Sometimes I fell like a motherless child.” Just beautiful!

The craft was sharpie tie dye shirts. Pictures to follow. It’ll take about three days. Most of the girls were into it. Those who weren’t todaywill be tomorrow when they see the others. It’s a three day process.

The Wedding at Cana was the story of the day. A theologian friend told me one reason this might have been the first miracle is that it describes the difference between life with Jesus and without; with water. You can live. With wine, with the holy spirit, life is more rich and full.

Negotiation with the oldest girls is going well. We’re using the “Girls Arise” program based on “Getting to Yes” that we used three years ago. The girls are engaged. We are reviewing a role-play in this pic.

Sister Fifi creatively keeps the kids engaged and feeling part of the home. The girls made these signs hanging around the property.

We ended the night with a 1:45 hour Corpus Christi mass. We were all tired and hot, but its was fun to see a new chapel.

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