Campamento 2019 Donations Request

16 Apr

This year’s donation request looks different:

  • There are no shoes!
    • Payless has filed for bankruptcy so is closing stores. At first this was cause for panic, until I realized that we raised shoe (and bead) money at the Zumba Party. So, we had the funds to buy a bunch of shoes.
    • We will also bring shoe money, so the Sisters can purchase the shoes the girls still need. We couldn’t find every size needed at stores here.
  • We have two kinds of donations this year: gift bag items and supplies.
    • The gift bags are for the girls and the Sisters. The first on the list are in multiples of 35 and are for the girls. The second set are in multiples of 4 and are for the Sisters.
    • The supplies are vitamins, medicine, and first aid items.

Here is the link to the donation list:

The girls, Sisters, and everyone involved appreciate your generosity! THANK YOU!!

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