Decision 2019

22 Jan

Many of you are deciding whether to join us for Campamento 2019. We’ll have 2 weeks:   June 18-25 and August 5-12 . Here are some thoughts that might help you make the decision.

Everyone has gifts to share! This is a wonderful way to use them.  Although the trip is challenging at times, we learn so much and benefit from the trip spiritually, personally, and culturally. I think I’m a better parent when I return from Campamento. The picture above is a 6 year old doing her morning chores – mopping. Do you think my kids mop at home? Well they do after camp! It’s great because the kids contribute to family life and learn how to take care of a home themselves.  Every girl in the hogar(home)has chores to do. They feel like a valuable member of the family. They accomplish something themselves. Wow!

Your Own Goals

If you are interested in taking this trip or contributing in another way, please think about what you’d like to get from the trip.

Walk with Us in Our Search

Help us discover our own riches;
Don’t judge us poor 
   because we lack what you have.
Help us discover our chains;
Don’t judge us slaves 
   by the type of shackles you wear.
Be patient with us as a people;
Don’t judge us backward simply 
   because we don’t follow your stride.
Be patient with our pace;
Don’t judge us lazy simply 
   because we can’t follow your tempo.
Be patient with our symbols;
Don’t judge us ignorant 
   because we can’t read your signs.
Be with us and proclaim the richness of your life 
   which you can share with us.
Be with us and be open to what we can give.
Be with us as a companion who walks with us neither 
   behind nor in front in our search for life and 
   ultimately for God!
Written by Bishop Bienvenido S Tudtud
Prelature of Marawi,Lanao del Sur, Philippines

“I have realized that mission trips give us the opportunity to step out of our comfort zone and out of our seemingly ‘busy’ lives to reach out to others and discover another dimension of life.” Ami Peacock Florida/Mission Trip to Dominican Republic

Questions for you, the traveler or volunteer:

Why are you thinking of doing this?

What is your purpose in going?

What are your hopes and dreams for this journey?

How do you feel about traveling so far from home?

What might it mean to you to offer a hand, not a handout?

How do you think you would receive a hand on your shoulder?

Whose needs are you meeting?

How will your needs be met by this venture?

How do you respond when things veer away from a plan?  Do you get upset or do you roll with the punches?

How will you contribute to the trip? Do you have specific talents, experience, or career you can share?

2 Responses to “Decision 2019”

  1. Michael Diamond February 10, 2019 at 6:04 am #

    Much as I appreciate Henri J.M. Nouwen, the poem Walk with Us was written not by him but by Bishop Bienvenido S Tudtud of the Prelature of Marawi, Lanao del Sur, Philippines. I know this because I lived in the same house with Bishop Tudtud for 10 years and was there when he wrote that piece. Sincerely Michael Diamond

    • Ann N McGuire February 11, 2019 at 7:54 pm #

      Dear Michael Diamond, Thank you for this correction, which I incorporated. This poem was in an out-of-print book called “People, Places, and Partnerships” By Sally Campbell-Evans. She wrote it was reprinted with permission from ¡Gracias! I love this poem – it is so true! Out of curiosity, I looked up Bishop Tudtud and was not disappointed. What a life! I can see where his circumstances could inspire it. It can be used in so many contexts. So sorry he died too soon. Readers might be interested in learning about him at
      I am so thankful you found this little blog!
      We will use this poem for our kickoff meeting tonight and give Bishop Tudtud proper credit. 🙂
      Peace, Ann

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