Campamento Day 4

14 Jul

Last day of formal camp activities! Wow, that went fast.

Our woman of faith today is Mother Teresa. Did you know her father died when she was only 8? Many of our girls have lost at least one parent when they were young.   She was poor, only one parent,  and look how she changed the world. Math,  English, and reflection stations went well. For negotiation, we  reviewed,  then had them the assignment to create skits of situations that they would have in their life. Plus they did the Mother Theresa  skit as well. Hermana (Sister) Fifi played the Pope.


After camp activities we visited 4 families.

Anayelis with nephew

Anayelis’ whole family and us

Maryanni’s family with Sister Fifi. Maryanni’s mom, although poor, is vivacious and very generous. She took in one girl, and is not taking care of an abandoned four year old girl a couple of days ago. She raised pigs and grew fruits, like chinolla, in her back yard.

Camila dancing bacchata with her charming cousin. He speaks English!

Camila’s family

Yisell’s family. Thank God, her uncle, who is a professional and practices good values and has a lovely family has taken her in. <prayers answered>

Maria, her grandmother, 76, is still living alone. She’s a spitfire!!

At the end of the day,  we presented the hymnals to the Sisters to celebrate our 20th year together. Thank you to Church of Saint Edward for giving the leader’s guide and each family who purchased a hymnal. They loved them!

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