Campamento Day 2

13 Jul

“Today is better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today” – Carmelite saying for the girls.

The mayores (oldest girls) were completely engaged in our “Power of a Positive No” negotiation class today based on the book by William Ury. The travelers are, too, for that matter. We learned about less powerful “no’s”-  give in (out of fear), attack (out of anger), and avoid (out of guilt). The girls each developed and performed skits representing these weak ways of dealing with a difficult situation.  Then,  we learned the Positive No model,  which is like a tree.

 Craft was frames.

The Woman of Faith was Rhoda. This is the cast on costume after the play. 

The younger girls played in pools.

We mini celebrated Miguelina and Patricia’s graduation!! We are so proud of them! Miguelina graduated with honors and Patricia was valedictorian(!!)

Lots of fun!!

Thank you for reading this, for your prayers,  and support!!

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