Notes from 2/27 Meeting

6 Mar
Teresa Toda/Church of Saint Edward Campamento Meeting 2/27/2017, 7 PM – 8:30 PM

Church of Saint Edward


Campamento 2017


Focus: Planning 
Opening Prayer & Introductions
Schedule from now until departure

These are the milestones between now and July 8. We might change some dates as we go, but these are ballpark dates. Let me know is you see a problem with any of these dates and we can adjust.

3/21  3rd planning meeting – decide on flights, work on curriculum, talk about the women, plan extra activities –self-esteem, physical games, get donation list finalized

5/19finalize craft and camp material (traveler’s journals, camper’s journals) plans, order/get supplies

5/23 Cutting and Kitting night – we cut raw materials for crafts, then kit them into baggies, so at camp we hand out ziplock bags of craft “kits”. We also need a sample and directions (English is OK).

5/9 final planning meeting (unless we can pull off a June meeting) finalize all plans, work on traveler’s notebooks, order the rest of the supplies

6/17 &24 Publicize donation list – we’ll post in the bulletin, but this works even better with word of mouth. Be sure to share this list in case they want to help.

6/13 last meeting, if needed and possible. This might be good if college students are home at this time.

7/6 packing night – bring your one big suitcase for camp supplies, donations, and other items like gift bag stuff

7/8 leave for the DR week 1– the first flight to ATL 5:20 AM. It’s an early day, but worth it because we arrive around 2 PM. See itinerary below

7/15 leave for the DR week 2– the first flight to ATL 5:20 AM. It’s an early day, but worth it because we arrive around 2 PM. See itinerary below

What we know so far, for each week

Note on the travelers/dates: This is my optimistic list. I put everyone (even daughters that have been mentioned) into a preferred week, even if you’re not 100% committed yet. If you said you could do either week, this week is a suggestion based on the needs of the week. If this week doesn’t work, or you can’t come after all, please let me know. We’re flexible!! And, we’re continuing to recruit. If you have friends/family who would be great, we have 3 openings each week as of now. We can easily run camp with as few as 6 travelers, plus some local help. More hands makes less work for each of us. Week 2 is very optimistic and still has 2 openings. Please think about who could join that week.

Week 1

Travelers (10): Ann, Michelle, Jane, Abby, Shelly and daughter, Ella, Lisa, Helene, Diana

VBS program: “Women of Faith” featuring Jochebed, Rhoda, Martha, Saint Teresa of Calcutta w/mindfulness, math, English, journaling

Retreat program: “Design your Life” Day 1: Picture your Future, Day 2: Make a Plan, Day 3: Take Action, Day 4: Overcoming Obstacles w/mindfulness each day.

Week 2

Travelers (8): Jeane, Abby, Stacey, Keagan, Susan and daughter, Laurie and Rachel, Haley

VBS Program: “Women of Faith” featuring Queen of Sheba, Suzanna, Phoebe, and Saint Cecelia w/mindfulness, math, English, journaling

Retreat program: Review “Getting to Yes” from last year – Did you get the chance to use this? How? How did it work/not work? “The Power of a Positive No” w/mindfulness each day.

What we need

If you have insights about any of the women, please share with me! I’d love any ideas on input on themes and lessons these women teach us and can help teach and inspire the girls.

Can you lead yoga? We have a Zumba leader for week 2! Any gifts you’d like to share? Think camp songs, dance, jewelry making, favorite card/board games.

Any other ideas? Please let me know.

Travel Itinerary from MSP

Week 1

Saturday 7/8   MSP-SDQ  Flight Number DL 1991, Flight Number DL 686 5:20 AM – 1:10 PM

Sunday   7/16 SDQ-MSP Flight Number DL 324Flight Number DL 1947 1:45 PM – 8:44 PM

Week 2

Saturday 7/15 MSP-SDQ  Flight NumberDL 1991, Flight Number DL 686 5:20 AM – 1:10 PM

Sunday   7/23 SDQ-MSP  Flight Number DL 324, Flight Number DL 1947 1:45 PM – 8:44 PM

Theme Song Ideas

True Colors from Trolls (English Version here)/True Colors (Spanish Version)

How Far I’ll Go from Moana (English Version)/How Far I’ll Go (Spanish Version with English/Spanish subtitles)

Try Everything from ZootopiaTry Everything Spanish


We have one question about sleeping there. We sleep in the girls’ dorm with about 6 travelers. They clear out rooms for us, so we have beds, mosquito nets, towels, and closets. We use our own (travelers’) floor bath. Consider earplugs to block the unfamiliar (to us) noises from roosters and dogs. Eye covers help, too, at least at first. After a while you might be so tired, you just crash. Bring something light to read in bed with a headlamp. A portable battery operated fan helps, too.

More common questions and answers here.

Keep e-mailing me with your ideas and questions!



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