Day 0 Travel Day Update

28 Jul

Each traveler and her luggage arrived. We met Sister Carmen and trusty driver Job at the airport. We stopped at El Carmelo for a delicious lunch and visited with some of the Sisters, including Sister Angela who lived and worked at El Carmelo, New York for several years and is a Packer fan.


Sister Angela – #1 Packer Fan in Santo Domingo

After getting to the home and unpacking, every camper got her camp bag filled with camp supplies. They personalized their bags, made name tags, and decorated frames. We introduced the theme “Women of Faith” (thank you Heidi Busse) and the theme song “By the Grace of God” by Katy Perry. Then they colored, read and did puzzles while the travelers learned the girls’ names. At night, we were treated to a Mass at the Hogar given by a bilingual priest. He’s originally from Columbia, but is part of a community based in Milwaukee. His homily on the Good Samaritan Gospel coincided with the lessons of camp, especially the negotiation curriculum we have for the high school girls. All that plus we went to the beach!


Older girls enjoying their adult coloring


Coloring on the kiosk


Playing games on the kiosk







So proud of her coloring



New girl and her coloring


Where’s Waldo?




Ready for Mass


Ready for Mass


Ready for Mass


Mass on the Kiosk – like St. Ed’s Mass on the Grass

After Mass

After Mass



Sisters after Mass


After Mass




After Mass


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