Note to Parents of College Travelers

20 Jan

Hi Parent,

This note is for parents of college students who might have heard about this trip from one of their friends. The friend most likely has been on the trip before and wants to bring your daughter! If you live near enough to Bloomington, you are welcome to come to our meetings, even if you daughter cannot. They’re usually pretty busy but pitch in with planning once they’re home from school.

The About section of the blog has a bunch of helpful links to the posts that will help you and your daughter decide on and prepare for the trip.

Please contact me through this blog if your daughter is interested or if you have questions. Also, consider contacting your daughter’s friends’ mom who probably came on the trip herself.

If you and/or your daughter are interested in coming, please let me know with e-mail addresses and contact information so I can keep you updated with the other potential travelers. Everyone is a “potential” traveler until they buy their plane ticket which will be in April or May.



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