Campamento 2013 Update

8 May

Hola Amigas!

This is an update on Campamento 2013, our 11th camp. The camp is full with 11 travelers the first week and 10 the second. Most have purchased their tickets, which is the major expense of the trip. We expect 42 girls this year, with most returning from last year, and a few new ones to take the place of girls who’ve moved on.

Over the years, technology has improved which makes these trips even easier to plan.

WordPress – this is free and so powerful. I can see that people do read it. THANK YOU! It’s mostly friends, but it also comes up in Google searches to we get others, too.

Facebook – travelers are Facebook friends with some of older girls and the alumna of the home.  It’s fun to see what they’re doing these days. On one of our snowy April days here, one of the alum posted that it was *so hot*. Ugh! Wouldn’t it be cool to have Campamento in the winter?

Signup Genius – L-O-V-E this site We’re doing volunteer signups with this and alto Donation requests. See

Campamento 2012 102-001This is from last’s years trip. We took a trip to Guayacanes, which is a beach town that’s enjoyed by locals and us! We had a great time. Thank you for all your support.



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