What do we do at camp?

23 Feb

The time flies at Campamento! This post should give you an idea of the daily schedule. This is just one day from last year’s daily schedule, so it is a rough idea for you. When we are down there, a lot of things can side track us from the plan, anything from a car crash (one Sister had to head in to the City with another Sister who was injured) to waves acting up in the afternoon (suggesting we go to the beach in the morning, then do camp in the afternoon). So, we all stay flexible and remember the Dwight D. Eisenhower quote, edited for our use:

“In preparing for campamento <he really said “battle”>  I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

We plan 4 days per week. The fifth day (which could be any day of the week) is an excursion or a special event of some kind. We develop a VBS curriculum on the theme “Women of the Bible”. We also work lessons like health, community building/self-esteem, science/engineering, environment, or other topics that travelers want to share with the girls. Here is the Day 1 information from last year.

Daily Woman of the Bible Mary, Mother of Jesus


Theme Word Campamento – “Accept”

Retraito – “Vision”


Bible Passage Luke 1:26-38


Memory Verse Psalms 37:38 “for nothing will be impossible for God.”
Craft Angel Gabriel
Skit Mediana Pecena


9-9:45 Worship ritual/group discussion altogether (at at the beginning of this schedule)

To prepare for the group discussion and the journal work, see the paragraphs below and the next few pages. Read through these as part of the preparation meeting the night before.

Daily Devotion (for Adults’ reflection)

For camp – Mary is a role model for us all because she accepted God’s call. Who knows, maybe others were called, too, but said “no” or did not listen to God. We should always be listening for God’s will, God’s plan for us.

For retreat (the older girls) – Mary is a role model for us because she had a vision for her life – she was going to marry Joseph, a carpenter. Then angel Gabriel visited her with a whole new idea for her life. It’s not just having a baby, it’s having the Son of God. She stayed with him his whole life – from the first miracle to the Crucifix to Pentacost. We should have a vision for our lives, and be open to God’s plans for us.



Time Pequeñas Medianas Pequeñas Medianas
9:45 -10:10 English Math Journal
10:15-10:40 Journal English Math
10:45 -11:10 Math Journal English
11:15-11:40 Craft Craft Craft

Math – cards, dice, and dominoes games to reinforce math concepts see math packet.

*Journal – write down your reflections based on group discussion

 1:00 Lunch

*Perform drama after dinner that night. Share reflections on the day.

We (St. Ed’s volunteers) should meet before or soon after dinner to review the past day, and prepare for the next day.

  • See the list of things to do before the Tuesday Schedule start.

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